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So many posts, so little time…

SuboxForum contains tens of thousands of snippets of information from patients taking buprenorphine, collected over the past five years.  Discussions are divided into categories and cover a wide range of topics, including patients’ personal experiences during pregnancy and childbirth, surgery, and buprenorphine induction and withdrawal.  We try to prevent discussions from degenerating into arguments over whether or not people ‘should’ use one treatment or another, and instead to recognize that opioid dependence is a difficult illness that benefits from a range of treatment options.

But the Forum includes a number of personal considerations by members over when or whether to stop buprenorphine.

This blog, likewise, has accumulated a significant amount of information, consisting primarily of one doctor’s experiences treating people using buprenorphine, as well as occasional updates on the science and politics behind buprenorphine and Suboxone.

The data from both resources is indexed by Google and other search engines, and will often come up in searches about topics related to buprenorphine.  But those results also contain links to pages that are less useful, such as pages with the right keywords that are intended to take the searcher to one detox program or another.

I’ve set up a site that will search either the forum or the blog for information about any topic related to buprenorphine, opioids, addiction, or recovery.  The searches use the power of Google’s indexing, but are restricted to the specified web site.    I encourage anyone with questions about opioid dependence, buprenorphine, methadone, recovery, or related topics to try out the web site and search engines.  Remember that the information is intended to promote discussion with your personal physician, not to take the place of such a relationship.

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